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Band members;
  • Kimba Mutanda
  • Stuart Henshall
  • Paul Frazer
  • Dennis Ng
  • Neil Shervell
Picture from band's myspace

When and why did you guys start playing together?

We first hooked up together around about the summer of 2004, with aim of creating live dance soundscapes using laptops and other digital toys as well as acoustic instruments. That’s now evolved into a full on band with a produced sound, structured songs and heavy sub bass lines to keep everybody happy.

Where did you get the name 'Subsource' from?

Stu: The name came from a particularly potent Ayahuasca trip the five of us took while going through the Shamanic stage of our development, in which we discovered the root or "source" of all happiness comes from between 20 and 150Hz. That s where the good shit lives!!

Who are your main influences and how have they affected your playing style?

Stu: Rage Against the Machine, Reprazent, Sepultura, Charles Mingus, Lamb, Bad Plus, it goes on...

Finish the following statements:

- "You know you've made it when…." Stu: "We’ll let you know....."

- "It'll be time to pack up the gear for good when…" Stu: "We fuck"

- "I'll never forget the first time I…" Stu: "Discovered RiotZine. Yeah!!!"

If you could go back in time, what band/song/album would you erase from history?

I would gladly murder Chesney Hawkes, given the opportunity. The man’s a c@nt. And I hated the mole. Stu: I wanted the mole at the time, and would sometimes glue a single Cocoa Pop to my upper lip for special occasions.

What's the strangest/coolest thing a fan has ever thrown at you while you were on stage?

Stu: Coolest thing has to be a big chunk of funk to help wind down after the show. The Great Baron of Wigan once pulled me almost off stage to put some multi-coloured bracelets up my arm while chewing his face off. Frightening.

How do you go about writing a song?

Ideas can be started by any one of the band - We all have individual studio set ups which get used primarily to write ideas before taken to the main studio to be transformed into more complex arrangements. We prefer to write in the studio as producers rather than the traditional route of writing as a full band in a rehearsal scenario.

Explain briefly what the song "plans" is about please :]

When the girl thinks she has the upper hand, but you have foiled her devilish scheme

If you could create the "ultimate super group" who would you have in it?

8. If you could create the "ultimate super-group" with anyone from any band, dead or alive, who would you have in it? Stu: Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney. Just for shits and giggles...... Seriously, It’s gotta be the boys I play with. They kick arse. Come check out a show and you’ll see

What do you think of the current state of UK radio and the live/local music scene?

Stu: Frighteningly diverse, Confused, Exciting, Up its Own Arse, Terrified. It’s all over the place, but there's some bloody great stuff, and on the other hand a whole lotta stuff that’s all style and no substance.

What have been the most memorable gigs so far, both good and bad?

Stu: Coming out to a rammed sweaty crowd with the front chanting the name, and singing through the rest of the set is always a sweet, sweet feeling. Worst gig would be being stuck in the van (El Bastardo Del Diablo AKA Van Diesel) for ten hours, setting up, waiting and waiting, and the show being cancelled in Glasgow sucked, but we destroyed the hotel bar which kinda made up for it.